Gary B.: Batesville Police release notes variety of shoplifting attempts at Walmart


A recent Batesville Police Department media release emphasized a problem for businesses in this area, and from what I understand, this state and beyond.

The report detailed how the seven shoplifted from the Batesville Walmart Supercenter in a variety of ways.

One woman used the self-checkout line and was “under-ringing” items.

Another woman using the self-checkout would scan a single item and then place two or more items in the shopping bag.

Two other women were selecting items and placing them in their purses. Both of those women were also cited for criminal trespass because they had been caught shoplifting in the store before and were not allowed to come into the store and shop.

A male subject peeled off the bar code on a ruler and was scanning that bar code instead of the items he was actually intending to purchase. The items not paid for came to $84.70. The ruler cost just over a buck.

Two male subjects went to the shoe department. One put on a pair of boots and kept them on. He took his “old” boots and put them in the store’s shoebox, and placed the box back on the shelf, pushing it to the rear so the “old” boots would not be readily found.

The two then went to the grocery side of the store, where they selected a cheesecake, then ate it as they were walking around the store. They then went to the sporting goods department where one of the men selected a bottle of pellets and concealed them on his person.

After being confronted and cited for shoplifting, one of the men was arrested on a warrant from another jurisdiction. That man, according to a Walmart assets protection officer, had been seen stealing from the store in the past.

When you consider the number of Walmart stores around the world, one can easily see that the company spends millions of dollars each year to protect its assets, worth billions of dollars, from being stolen.

Some reasons given by a couple of the seven caught shoplifting in this story: one woman said she stole the items because she “needed food for her grandkids at home,” and another said she “was having a tough time financially.”

All items that were shoplifted by the seven people were returned to the store — except the cheesecake, of course.

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  1. Stop putting self checks in where people can scan thair own stuff go back to old school and have all cashiers and I bet the crime would go down a lot more…

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