Atlas Asphalt is the lower bidder on eight ARDOT projects

Photo from ARDOT’s Twitter profile

Atlas Asphalt, with headquarters in Batesville, is the apparent low bidder on eight projects at $13.7 million dollars for the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT). 

Results from Wednesday’s bid letting shows Atlas was the apparent low bidder on two projects in Randolph County and two in Craighead county, and one project each in Independence, Woodruff, Cleburne, and Sharp counties.

The two road projects in Randolph County totaled $6.97 million dollars.  One project consists of mill and inlay of approximately 7.461 miles of Highway 67 in Randolph County.  The other is the overlay of approximately 12.124 miles of Highway 115. Trenching and shoulder preparation is included.

One Craighead County project bid by Atlas Asphalt was to mill and inlay just under two miles of Highway 463.  The other project bid won by Atlas was sealing approximately 13.93 miles of various county roads in Craighead County.

Atlas Asphalt was the low bidder for Sharp County on the overlaying of 2.26 miles of various streets in the city of Sidney.  The bid was $523,988 dollars.

The successful bid for Woodruff County was on a project to surface approximately 3.61 miles of county roads 320 and 52.  The bid was $472,568 dollars.

Atlas Asphalt successfully bid $213,337 dollars to overlay approximately 1.97 miles of various city streets in Concord in Cleburne County.

Atlas Asphalt was the low bidder on a project that starts in White County and ends in Independence County.  It is to mill and inlay asphalt approximately 19.05 miles of Highway 167 from Velvet Ridge to the intersection of St. Louis and Harrison Streets in Batesville.  The bid was $4.72 million dollars.

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