Batesville School District requests Board of Election Commissioners to call a special election on April 14


The Independence County Election Commissioners have been requested by the Batesville School District to call a special election for Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

The purpose of the special election is to have the patrons of the school district to vote on a millage (tax) on personal and real property within the school district sufficient to pay for a bond, whose principal amount is $71.2 million dollars.

Part of the 71.2 million is the re-financing of a previous bond in the amount of $21 million dollars.

The district is doing this to save approximately one million dollars in interest charges.

The bond will fund adding classrooms and safety features and constructing, refurbishing, remodeling and equipping other school facilities.

If the tax for repaying the bond is approved by district registered voters, the school district requests the bonds to be issued as soon as possible.

The order calling for the special school election also noted that the members of the Batesville School Board shall be voted on at the annual school election.

The image below shows a list of polling locations for the special election on April 14. All registered voters in Batesville School District are eligible to vote.

IMG-4020.JPG Image from

Voters must be registered by March 16, 2020, to be able to vote in the special election.

View the map provided by the Independence County Clerk detailing the boundaries of the Batesville School District. 

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