Timbo couple arrested by Game & Fish officer after break-in at residence


A Stone County couple ended up behind bars when an Arkansas Game and Fish officer arrested them after a break-in at a nearby residence.

The Stone County Circuit Court information says Kenneth D. Dornhoffer (pictured above, right), 32, and Saundra G. Piazza (left), 40, both living in the Timbo area, were driving around on April 15 when they noticed their vehicle was low on gas.

Apparently, a decision was made to enter a residence on a dead-end road and search for gasoline — and more.

After taking several items from a storage building, Dornhoffer was breaking into the house and was half-way through the kitchen window, when one of the residents saw him and yelled at him, the court info noted.

Apparently, Dornhoffer stopped his attempt. He and Piazza took several bags of the items and fled into a wooded area, leaving their vehicle, which had allegedly been stolen from Piazza’s daughter in Heber Springs, according to authorities.

As the two were exiting the woods on the other side, Arkansas Game and Fish Sgt. John Chrisman was there and took the couple into custody.

Dornhoffer is charged with four felonies including breaking or entering and possession of methamphetamine. Piazza is charged with two felonies — possession of drug paraphernalia to use meth and possession of drug paraphernalia to test or analyze meth.

Both subjects are being tried under the Habitual Offender Law as both had been previously convicted of four or more felonies.

Dornhoffer’s bond was set at $10,000, and Piazza’s bond is $2,500.

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