Two charged for shooting firearms from inside vehicle in Batesville


Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens said charges have been filed in circuit court against two men, both previously convicted felons, for being in possession of a firearm. In fact, the sheriff’s department noted that a witness saw both men fire handguns from inside their vehicle.

Court records say law enforcement officers were called to Punch Lane on April 22 in reference to two men in a car shooting handguns. The suspects were identified Andrew Nolan Booth, 24, of Batesville, and 26-year-old Ernest Booker III, 26, of Jacksonport. The two men, driving a vehicle described by the witness, were found in west Batesville and pulled over. 

During the investigation by Narcotics Officer Johnny Byler and Stephens, a search was made of the vehicle.  Inside, two handguns were found: a Hi Point semi-automatic .380 handgun and a Smith & Wesson .38 special revolver, according to the report. Also found were multiple bullets and a box of Winchester .380 caliber bullets, which was missing 10 bullets. The court document said six bullet casings were found in the roadway in front of a residence on Punch Street.

Each man is charged with being a previously convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The court record said both men, since each has been previously convicted of 4 more felonies, are also being charged as habitual offenders.

Each man has been placed on a $5,000 bond. Both remain in jail.


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  1. These guys, felons, are being held under a $5000 bond which firing weapons assumed arbitrarily is quite dangerous even fired into the air….that bullet has to obey mother nature and comes back down with quite a velocity and could kill someone or animal. Then i read about a guy getting arrested for being under the influence of drugs in a bank parking lot with paraphernalia on his person which is dangerous to himself but if not driving hopefully not dangerous to anyone else although he possessed some knives. He is being held under a $10,000 bond. I don’t know how Arkansas law reads on each of the crimes but seems to me that the bonds should be reversed since the felons in possession of firearms firing the weapons is much more dangerous than the guy on drugs. It just don’t pass the common sense smell to me. Maybe the way is written makes being under the influence of drugs is more of a crime than a felon firing a weapon but i would much rather have a guy on drugs than one with a loaded weapon…..seed what i mean??? Some laws I will never understand the common sense behind. Oh well, both are in jail and off the streets but I would much more have the guy off the drugs out on bail than the felons out and looking for more weapons which no doubt will do.

    Some of the bond laws I just will never understand and hopefully will never have to worry with bond.. Guess it depended on the lawmakers mood on that day against drugs..

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