Construction worker injured on project site


A construction worker at First Community Bank’s new building project on Harrison Street was seriously injured Friday afternoon, May 8.

According to the incident report, Batesville Police Officer Nathaniel Simmons said he arrived on the scene at 4:22 p.m. and saw a subject being removed from a lift bucket by ambulance personnel.

Simmons said the subject was pale white in color and was not breathing at the time. Simmons and the ambulance EMT administered CPR, and after several minutes, paramedics discovered a pulse and transported the injured man to White River Medical Center. The man was identified in the report as Thomas Salvador Galluzzo, 22, of Searcy.

The report noted that in another lift, two workers were performing welding duties when they noticed Galluzzo was unresponsive in his bucket. The two yelled to Galluzzo, who did not respond. When the welders’ brought their lift to the ground, one of the workers went to also lower Galluzzo’s bucket to the ground. The men noted in the report that they found Galluzzo slumped over and could not feel a pulse. One of the workers also said he could not tell if Galluzzo was breathing at the time. Both men told Simmons they could not confirm how Galluzzo was injured and did not see anything until they noticed Galluzzo was slumped over.

The men who lowered Galluzzo also told Simmons that “…the particular lift and bucket that is used on site has a leveling safety feature than can crush someone between the lift and the beam…” if it is adjusted “abruptly,” the report said.

A current update on Galluzzo’s condition was not available at the time of this post.

The building project was announced last year and is an expansion of First Community’s Batesville headquarters.

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