County judge introduces new volunteer program to pick up trash on rural roads

Pictured (from left): Donald Vaulner, District Judge Chaney Taylor, Warren Wade handing bags to Rex Williams.

Independence County Judge Robert Griffin announced a new program featuring volunteers cleaning up rural roads.

“It is my pleasure to announce a new program for the community volunteers that pick-up trash on the rural roadsides,” Griddin said in a statement today. “This is not connected to the state programs for trash collection along sections of state highways.”

Griffin continued:

“The need for this was brought to my attention by the service being performed by Mr. Rex Williams. He has already exceeded his 2-ton free disposal quota for the whole year at the transfer station. Without a policy like this, he would be charged for dumping trash he collected on public county roads. I herein declare him a public service award winner for volume of roadside trash individually collected. Rex’s great efforts presented a problem of public policy.

“I needed a forum so that any citizen would have support available for this type of volunteer public service work. I asked District Judge Chaney Taylor if he could assist by having these efforts run through the community service work program. There was a need for coordination between his supervisors, Warren Wade and Donald Vaulner, and their program of court-ordered CSW’s and the volunteer efforts of our citizens trying to keep their roads clean. By this coordination, the county solid waste program will supply trash bags that will be identified to hold roadside trash. The litter will not be billed at the transfer station to the volunteers doing this great public service.

“This program is being created solely due to the extreme efforts of Mr. Rex Williams and with the cooperation of District Judge Chaney Taylor. By this coordination, Judge Taylor’s CSW’s can even be used to collect volunteer-filled bags along the roadsides by notifications to his director and staff. I hope this program will be an encouragement for public participation to eliminate trash along county roads.”

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