Independence County Fair canceled for 2020


The board of the Independence County Fair unanimously voted last night to not have a 2020 Independence County Fair due to COVID-19 concerns and guidelines.

Linda Baxter, the president of the board, told White River Now’s Gary Bridgman this morning that after consulting with the departments of health and agriculture, along with the state’s livestock and poultry commission, the board determined there were just too many hurdles to hold the fair in 2020.

“There’s too many obstacles that we would have to face to have it with all of the sanitizing, with the limited capacity that would be there, and for the contact tracing — just so many directives that [it] would be almost impossible to fulfill at this point,” Baxter told Gary B.

Baxter thanked all of the regular attendees, vendors, and exhibitors for their support and asked them to be ready for the 2021 Independence County Fair.

“Please don’t give up,” she said. “Just be planning to be there for next year. And let’s just go from here to make it bigger and better.”

To listen to more of Baxter’s comments to White River Now, click below:

File image from the Independence County Fair

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  1. Good to hear. Idiot’s have it in the hottest time of the year. Went one time, won’t be back. Body odor alone will drive you away. Every Illegal Alien is there. Trailer park trash that can’t afford to buy their kids clothes will go to this. You’ve got drunk and or stoned Carney’s operating the rides. And let’s not forget about the Outrageous cost to go, without much in return. Good riddance.

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