Peaceful demonstration brings large crowd to Riverside Park

All images by Randy Seale

Saturday afternoon’s hot temperatures did not keep away an estimated 250 to 300 people to Batesville’s Riverside Park for what was billed by organizers as a “Peaceful Protest.”

After opening with a prayer, the event featured a variety of speakers to express their thoughts on the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, racial injustice across the country, and unity.

At one point the crowd went to their knees as the names of black Americans killed in incidents similar to Floyd’s over the years were read.

Prayers and support were offered by speakers to law enforcement officials, as well. “God helps the cops that are good to stand up to the ones that aren’t,” said one speaker.

The event lived up to its title. No incidents or disturbances were reported.

“Now that we’ve got the attention of the powers that be, now it’s time to stop being angry and screaming and yelling. Now we have to have the conversation. Now is the time to sit down and talk,” said another speaker at the demonstration.

Click below for a slideshow of images from the event. For a video of the event, head to our Facebook page.

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  1. And where are you cop hating POS when an officer get’s killed ? I figure celebrating in mommy’s basement. MAGA/KAG

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