Popular Mountain View restaurant temporarily closed due to coronavirus


A popular downtown Mountain View cafe has temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.

Robert Baker, the owner/operator of the Rainbow Cafe, told White River Now’s Gary Bridgman the closure was a precautionary measure for the safety of the public and staff members.

On Saturday, June 13, a member of Baker’s wait staff came to work and said she had hurt her back the night before and was running a 99-degree temperature.

“The next day she came in and was running 99 again, and we sent her home and that was on the 14th,” said Baker. “She went and got tested for the COVID and come up positive with it. So I decided to shut down the restaurant to get all my employees tested and make sure everyone is clean and let the restaurant set for 72 hours. Then we would come in and clean it, and reopen again when we find out all the results and everybody comes back negative.”

Baker said when it’s perfectly safe to reopen, that’s when it’ll happen, but he emphasized again the safety of everyone is the number one priority.

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, the Cafe posted the following Wednesday morning:

Rainbow Cafe Facebook post

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