Man calling himself Conway Twitty Version 2.0 (along with other names) facing 75 counts of terroristic threatening and more


Mountain Home media outlet KTLO reports of a man facing 75 counts of terroristic threatening, a felony, along with 74 counts of harassing communications, a misdemeanor.

The man, identified as Glenn Hall Luther, 58, is accused of making a large number of threatening and harassing phone calls to Baxter County law enforcement officals, city officials in Briarcliff, the Baxter Regional Medical Center, and a local doctor’s office, according to the report.

Luther has referred to himself in the calls as Jesus Christ, the devil, and Conway Twitty Version 2.0., according to court information.

The KTLO report says Luther allegedly demanded money from the city of Briarcliff for property he said he purchased from another man. In over 25 calls made to city offices, the court information says Luther told the city clerk he was going to “gut her” and also notes he said he was going to make sure the mayor dies along with the “Briarcliff Pig Cop.”

According to KTLO, Luther also allegedly called the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office 72 times in over an eight-hour span last December. Court info says the calls consisted of threats to Baxter County law enforcement.

And the Mountain Home Police Department took two reports concerning calls Luther made: one from the Baxter Regional Medical Center and another from a Mountain Home doctor’s office. In the latter incident, Luther allegedly called them, “cussing” and making threats against the doctor and office employees.

Luther is currently incarcerated in the Baxter County Jail. His bonds total $61,000, according to KTLO.

To read the entire KTLO report, click here.

Featured image: Baxter County Sheriff’s Office

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