Handgun and methamphetamine found during a traffic stop


According to the affidavit for probable cause of arrest, Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam McGilton conducted a traffic stop on July 25 that resulted in four drug-related counts for one man.

After McGilton stopped the vehicle for failing to signal and asked for identification from the driver and a passenger, dispatch informed the deputy that driver, identitifed in the affidavit as Jason Lawrence, had a suspended driver’s licence and was on probation with a search waiver.

McGilton also asked for the passenger’s identification, the passenger was identified as Cody Ty McCann, 30, in the affidavit.

After Deputy Nick Ade arrived to assist McGilton with the search, McGilton found a .22-caliber revolver in a tool bag, the affidavit said. At the time, both officers placed Lawerence and McCann in hand restraints.

Further searching the tool bag, McGilton found a small baggie of a crystalline substance that later field-tested positive as methamphetamine along with multiple drug paraphernalia items, according to the court documents.

When McGilton told Lawerence he was being arrested for possessing the firearm because he was felon, McCann told deputies that the gun belonged to him.

When the deputy asked McCann if the tool bag that contained the gun was his also, McCann claimed only the gun, the affidavit said, and McCann denied the possession of the methamphetamine and paraphernalia, according to the court record. Yet Lawerence told McGilton the toolbag and its contents belonged to McCann.

Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens advised Deputy McGilton to collect the evidence and take Lawerence to jail and place a probable cause hold on him.

After receiving the evidence from McGilton, Stephens then weighed the crystalline substance. The crystalline substance weighed 1.1 grams including the packaging.

Stephens also found a Littlefield Express Rewards card inside the package that containted the meth. Stephens made contact with Littlefield Express and found that the card is registered to Cody McCann, the record said.

Stephens also discovered McCann is a convicted felon on offenses out of Sharp County and the state of Illinois.

Sheriff Stephens is requesting that Cody Ty McCann be charged with four felonies stemming from the items and substances found during that traffic stop on July 25.

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