UPDATE: More details from court filing about Thursday night’s crash and shooting incident


Independence County Circuit Court filings have revealed more information on the July 30 one-vehicle crash and reports of shots fired in the Riverside Park area of Batesville.

Papers filed Monday morning show Batesville Police Officer Amber Branscum was dispatched to the area of Chaney Drive and St. Louis Street in Batesville in regard to a single-vehicle accident on Chaney.

While responding, Branscum was informed by dispatch that a Vital Link ambulance crew was nearby the scene and reported observing two male subjects flee from the vehicle. One suspect was reported wearing a black T-shirt while the other was wearing a blue T-shirt.

Dispatch also informed Branscum that 911 callers on the scene stated they had heard gunshots prior to the crash of the vehicle.

Upon her arrival at the crash, Branscum observed an unoccupied gold Saturn sedan crashed into a utility pole, causing extensive damage to the car and breaking the pole off the ground, according to the affidavit of probable cause for arrest.

Another witness approached Branscum and stated he had been around The River Grill (formerly Josie’s Steakhouse). In the affidavit, the witness told the BPD officer he was driving through the park when he saw the gold car behind him. The witness stated several gunshots came from the vehicle, and as both vehicles were moving, the witness stated the gold car then approached the intersection of Chaney and Myers, according to the affidavit.

Branscum also obtained written statements from the Vital Link ambulance crew members, who stated they were eating in the nearby Wendy’s parking lot when they heard two loud “pops,” thinking it was either fireworks or gunshots.

Then, according to the court info, the two members heard squealing tires and observed the Saturn sedan lose control and strike the utility pole.

After the Vital Link crewmembers approached the sedan to render assistance, they observed the vehicle’s driver and passenger step out of the car and walk away. After being ordered to stop, both men took to running north, the affidavit said.

Later, BPD officer Kody Headley was patrolling the area in an attempt to locate the subjects, when Headley observed a man walking west on Broad Street that matched the description of one of the subjects. After making contact, the man identified himself as Tylor Hill, and that Headley reported Hill was bleeding from the left arm and had a “strong odor of intoxicating beverage” coming from his person.

In Headley’s comments, he noted Hill said he had been at McDonald’s with a new friend at the time, but Hill could not remember the name of the friend. The subject told Headley that he and his friend took a ride to Riverside Park.

Sgt. Rob Leonard then arrived on the scene and asked Hill to explain what happened. According to the affidavit, Hill said he didn’t remember much, just that there was a big flash of light, and in his words, “he jumped out of the car and started running.” Hill explained he could not have been driving the vehicle because he has epilepsy. Hill was transported to the White River Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. After that, he was admitted to the Independence County Detention Facility and place on a probable cause hold.

Back at the crash scene, Branscum was able to observe an “AK style semi-automatic rifle” in between the front seats of the crashed vehicle, the affidavit said. The license plate for the car was run and revealed it to be registered to an owner from Cushman. A deputy for the Independence County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the vehicle owner’s residence in Cushman. Upon arrival, the deputy was informed by the owner that he sold the vehicle not long ago to a man called C.J.

Shortly after, dispatch informed officers that they had received a phone call from a woman who said her son, Coy James Broome (pictured), 26, had been in an accident with a friend. The woman stated Broome seemed to call from a Heber Springs number, and Broome had called using the phone of a “friend.” A BOLO (Be On The Lookout) was then issued for Broome.

Later, the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department informed local dispatch about a call from a Heber Springs convenience store. Apparently, a man fitting Broome’s description was at the store, stating he had been in a car accident and “…was running from the cops.”

Cleburne County Sheriff’s Deputies were able to respond and locate Broome, according to the affidavit. The deputies said Broome resisted arrest, physically fighting with the officers, before they were able to detain him and transfer him to Independence County officials.

On the morning of July 31, BPD Investigator Jason Bryant spoke with Hill who said he did not remember much from the incident. He told the investigator he had been hanging out with a friend the last few days and that they had been drinking heavily, according to the court documents.

When asked about a firearm in the vehicle, Hill told Bryant he remembered some type of rifle being in the car, and that his friend fired two shots into the air from the driver’s side, the affidavit said. Hill said after the accident, he was scared and jumped out of the vehicle.

Bryant noted in the affidavit that he also spoke with Broome at the detention facility on the same day. When Bryant asked Broome to explain the actions of the night before, the affidavit said Broome became emotional and said things got of control and he “wanted to apologize and own up to what happened,” the affidavit said.

Broome noted he and Hill had been “drinking alcohol heavily,” and because of this, he had memory gaps and “just wasn’t able to recall from the night before.” Broome did state he was driving the car, but the rifle belonged to his roommate.

When asked about the report of shots fired, Broome denied remembering. He also denied recalling any details about where he went after the crash, but recalled riding in a stranger’s car on some point.

Broome is currently in the Independence County Detention Facility facing a felony count of criminal mischief in the second degree. His bond is $10,000.

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