Four charged with drug felonies in Stone County Circuit Court


Four individuals were charged with drug felonies earlier this week in Stone County Circuit Court.

Corey E. Gurwell, 28, was caught in a drug-buy from a confidential informant used by a Stone County Narcotics Officer, court records said. The incident occurred in April of this year.

Gurwell was taken into custody and charged with possession of meth and unlawful use of a communications device, both felonies.

Gurwell is also being charged under the Habitual Offender law. He is currently in jail on a $10,000 bond.


Ginger M. Rhoades, 50, was arrested in late March of this year while officers were doing a “welfare check” on an elderly woman on Slatey Point Road.

Rhoades is charged with being in possession of drug paraphernalia with the purpose to use meth and possession of seven pills of Clonazepam, the court filing said.

Her bond was set at $2,500. Rhoades is out of jail, apparently posting bond.


On July 14, 2020, probation and parole agents were doing a home visit on Herpel Road, and to serve a felony absconder warrant on Eric Adamson.

Court records say Adamson and his girlfriend, identified as Lindsey L. Jones, 27, lived at the residence.

In their bedroom, officers found drug paraphernalia used to consume meth. Both are being tried under the Habitual Offender Act, court information said.

Adamson and Jones were each placed on a $1,500 bail, and apparently, each has bonded out of jail.

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