Law enforcement committee meeting approves lateral budget for Sheriff’s department and jail

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The Independence County Quorum Court met via teleconferencing Tuesday morning and set budgets for the Sheriff’s Department and the County Jail operation.

The Sheriff’s Department budget was approved at $1.786 million and the jail budget approved at $1.491 million.

The budgets will be presented to the full court for its official approval.

The funding will be what is referred to as “lateral” funding, basically remaining the same as this year’s budget.

In addition, various funds that benefit law enforcement were also approved.

The budgeting process now used by the County utilizes budgeting by categories. For instance, the Juvenile Detention Center was funded in category “C.” It’s almost like a wish list.

Independence County Judge Robert Griffin said, the only way an [item in] category “C” gets funded, is if the money is absolutely available.

The Sheriff was happy Tuesday morning to find he would be getting three new vehicles this season. Two from his budget and the third thanks to Judge Griffin from extra funding he found.

The Quorum Court members who were present for the meeting, enough for a quorum, discussed the committee’s name and decided to present a new committee name to the full court; the Emergency Services Committee.

In addition to Law Enforcement, the Justices deal with many other entities in the county that provide an emergency service.

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