Batesville PAT earns Blue Ribbon Affiliate designation


The Batesville School District/Batesville Parents as Teachers (PAT) program has earned the Blue Ribbon Affiliate designation through an endorsement process at the national level.

Lorrie McClure, home visiting coordinator for the Batesville School District, said the local PAT program was notified recently about the Blue Ribbon designation.

Typically, to achieve this designation an affiliate must meet all the Parents as Teachers Essential Requirements and at least 75 percent of the Parents as Teachers Quality Standards, according to the Parents as Teachers National Center.

The Batesville PAT affiliate has met 89 percent of the Quality Standards. However, the Essential Requirements review for the 2019-2020 program year was suspended due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our designation as a Parents as Teachers Blue Ribbon Affiliate is the result of dedicated teamwork, strategic planning, and passionate service by our parent educators,” McClure said.

The Batesville School District’s PAT program was started in 1997 at the Batesville Preschool campus, where it remains to this day. PAT’s goal is to help parents give their preschoolers a solid educational foundation. With the Blue Ribbon Designation, the Batesville PAT program is recognized as being an “exemplary affiliate,” delivering high-quality services to children and families, the district said.

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The Batesville affiliate will be among those being honored at the 2021 Parents as Teachers Conference for earning the Blue ribbon.

Currently, the Batesville PAT program serves approximately 233 families.

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