Naked man arrested in Batesville after being accused of pointing rifle at residence


A Batesville man is facing two felonies and four misdemeanors after being arrested Thursday night by authorities.

In the incident report, Sheriff Shawn Stephens said he arrived at the residence on Williford Road and met other officers on the hunt for a man the property owner said was pointing a gun at the house. The suspect had fled into the woods near the residence before officers arrived, so Stephens headed on foot to that area when he came upon a pile of clothes and a gray camouflage rifle on the ground. Stephens later noted the rifle had its serial number removed.

After other officers came upon the suspect in the woods, the man started to run in the other direction to where Stephens was located. According to the report, Stephens found the male suspect, naked, and tried to get him to stop walking. The suspect told the sheriff he was “looking for my gun,” and then took off north through the woods and thick briar, the report said.

Officers were then able to chase the suspect out of the woods, but he refused to obey commands and was swinging his arms around “…like he was attempting to strike one of us,” the sheriff noted in the report. After being tased, the suspect was caught from behind, brought to the ground, and then placed into custody.

A fingerprint scan was able to identify the suspect as Marlon Keith Payne, 49, of Batesville. Payne was also found to be an absconder with an active warrant. He was transported to the Independence County Jail and placed on a parole hold.

Payne is facing felony charges of possession of a firearm by certain persons and possession of a defaced firearm. He’s also facing misdemeanor charges of assault in the first degree, fleeing, resisting arrest, and indecent exposure.

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