General Election Results 2020


Results for state congressional races, issues, and non-partisan judicial runoff for Circuit Judge of District 3, Division 3 will be announced here and on-air on Arkansas 103.3. Download the White River Now mobile app to receive push notifications about result updates throughout the evening.

Results Update as of 11:57 p.m. (2520/2575 areas reporting). Data source: Arkansas Secretary of State official website.

U.S. Senate:

Senator Tom Cotton (R)- 66.66% WINNER

Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. (L)- 33.34%

Circuit Judge, District 03, Division 03:

Judge Adam Weeks- 69.21% WINNER

Joe Grider- 30.79%

Issue No. 1 An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution continuing a one-half percent sales and use tax for state highways and bridges; county roads, bridges and other transportation after the retirement of the bonds authorized in Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 91: PASS

Issue No. 2 A Constitutional Amendment to Amend the Term Limits Applicable to Members of the General Assembly, to be Known as the ‘Arkansas Term Limits Amendment’: PASS

Issue No. 3 A Constitutional Amendment To Amend The Process For The Submission, Challenge, And Approval Of Proposed Initiated Acts, Constitutional Amendments, and Referenda: FAIL

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