Expired tags leads to arrest of man in Izard County on drug charge


Documents filed in Izard County Circuit Court on Wednesday allege a man pulled over for driving with expired tags on Monday, Nov. 2, resisted arrest and got into a physical altercation with an Arkansas State Trooper after a bag of meth was found.

The court information says Trooper Remington Lively was patrolling State Highway 56 when he noticed a Chevrolet pickup driving with expired tags. After initiating his emergency lights, Lively pulled the truck over. The arrest affidavit notes when the trooper was speaking to the man, identified as Brad Allen Edmonston, 49, he noted the suspect seemed “nervous and his hands were visibly shaking.”

Edmonston was asked by Lively if he had anything illegal in the vehicle and Edmonston replied, “No.” After Edmonston gave permission for a search, he and a passenger were asked to exit the truck. Edmonston gave permission for a search of his pants pockets, and while emptying its contents, Lively reported in the arrest affidavit that Edmonston pulled “a plastic baggy containing a white crystalline substance out of his left front pocket…” and placed it in a pile of his other pocket contents on his truck.

After the baggie was discovered, Trooper Lively attempted to place Edmonston in restraints, but Edmonston held on to the bed of his pickup and would not let go, the affidavit says. Edmonston attempted to get back in his truck, but the trooper was able to take Edmonson to the ground and place him in restraints, according to the court info.

The information also says Edmonston kicked Lively in the legs as the trooper was placing Edmonston in Lively’s patrol car.

The front seat passenger was released without incident, and evidence was transferred to the 16th Judicial Drug Task Force.

Geoffrey Watts of the task force noted in the arrest affidavit that the white crystalline substance contained in the baggie field-tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

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