UPDATE: More details released regarding weekend pedestrian fatality on Gap Road


A woman was struck and killed by a vehicle early Saturday night as she walked on Gap Road.

According to information released Monday from the Batesville Police Department, Caroline Maxine Barris, 41, died after being struck by a truck driven by a 61-year-old Batesville resident. BPD information reported Barris had a Jonesboro address.

Batesville Police Officer Kyle Herring was dispatched to Gap Road around 7:11 p.m. Saturday on a call that a vehicle had hit a pedestrian. Upon the arrival of Herring and other emergency personnel, Barris was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The driver of the truck told authorities they were driving northbound on Gap Road when they said they hit what they thought was a deer that might have run into the side of the truck, according to the crash report. When the driver got out of their truck and saw Barris, they then alerted police.

Authorities went to a home close to the accident scene, and a witness said that they were in their garage smoking a cigarette earlier when they heard a vehicle slow down and someone yell: “Get out of the ******* road!”

After the witness went back inside their residence, the driver of the truck came knocking on the door about four minutes later yelling to call 911 for a lady that had been hit and was in a ditch.

The witness reported the driver was “very concerned.” The driver also told the witness they thought they had hit a deer and had never seen the woman in the road, the report said.

Police determined there were no visible marks that the truck left the roadway, and also determined an approximate area of impact on the east side of the northbound lane of Gap Road, according to the report.

Authorities also determined there were no visible signs the driver of the truck was under the influence of any intoxicants. The driver also submitted to a blood draw, the report said.

Featured image: A memorial currently set up on Gap Road in memory of Caroline Maxine Barris

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    • It may have been a different vehicle that slowed down and shouted at her to get out of the road and then when the driver of the truck came along a few minutes later she was still in the road and he didn’t see her. I wouldn’t advise jumping to any conclusions at this point, though. Sounds like a sad situation any way you look at it though.

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