Southside Southerner bowling recap from Valley View


Southside met Valley View for a bowling match-up Tuesday at Hijinx Lanes in Jonesboro. The results and information as submitted by Coach Fred Denison are below:

Boys Results: Valley View – 13. Southside – 0.

Singles Matches: Valley View won 589-487, 640-443, 501-460, & 447-303.

Bakers Matches: Valley View won 159-134 & 200-140.

For Southside, Ashton Wilkey led with a high game of 198. Adam Denison added a 184 game and Antonio Ciamaricone had a 175.

Girls Results: Southside-13. Valley View -0.

Singles Matches: Southside won 358-317, 413-357, 307-248, & 367-295.

Bakers Matches: Southside won 146-122 & 114-101.

For Southside, Emilee Jones led with a high game of 171. Hope Sharp added a 151 game and Katie Denison had a 139.

Coach Fred Denison said, “It was a pretty good performance by both of our teams for our first match of the season. Valley View’s boys are one of the favorites to win state this year, and they showed it today. We pretty much have a brand new group of guys, but I thought they did a good job. Proud of the girls team, and they posted some pretty good scores today as well. Just glad we are getting to bowl, and I know we will get better as the season progresses.

Next match: Southside vs. Concord on Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 3:30 pm at Hollywood Bowl in Batesville.

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