Bowling: Southside takes on Westside

Bowling pins falling down from a strike in ten-pin bowling.

Here are results from Southside vs Westside Bowling on Monday at Hijinx Bowl in Jonesboro

Boys Results: Westside-8. Southside-5

Singles Matches: Southside won 462-427 and Westside won 428-403, 387-362, and 459-334

Bakers Matches: Southside won 181-144 and Westside won 155-153

For Southside, Ashton Wilkey led with a high game of 174. Johnny Neel added a 158 and Adam Denison and Tyler Jones each shot a 152.

Girls Results: Southside-13. Westside-0

Singles Matches: Southside won 348-337, 400-312, 352-267, and 303-285.

Bakers Matches: Southside won 107-74 and 104-91.

For Southside, BJ Williams led with a high game of 153. Katie Denison added a 140, Emilee Jones a 137, and Hope Sharp had a 135.

“We struggled a bit today but I think that had to do with time off for Christmas break,” said Coach Fred Denison. “The girls bowled pretty well and the boys did well in Bakers play. Hopefully, we will get back on track with some better scores in the upcoming matches.”

Next match: Southside vs Concord on Thursday, Jan. 7 at Hollywood Bowl in Batesville at 3:30 p.m.

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