Gary B. talks with Southside’s Roger Rich about the end of Rich’s term as superintendent


The announcement of Southside Schools Superintendent Roger Rich’s retirement from the district at Monday night’s school board meeting might have taken some by surprise. Visiting with White River Now’s Gary Bridgman (pictured above, right) on Tuesday morning, Rich (pictured above, left) explained his decision about the amicable departure and his tenure as the superintendent at Southside.

“It has been an awesome place to be, Gary,” Rich told Bridgman. “And there’s not a better school district in the state of Arkansas. I love the people that I work with and the community I get to serve.

Rich told Bridgman that the board, the administration team, the staff, and the faculty were all key to the district’s success during his time as superintendent and will be an essential part of the future of Southside Schools.

“I’m so blessed to have a great teaching faculty and staff here, and our administration team is second to none,” he said. “There’s just great people in all areas [of the school]. It makes it comfortable to be able to leave when you know you’re leaving things in such great hands. They made me look just so good in different ways just by the great work they’ve done.”

“With 30 years invested in education, Mr. Rich has served the patrons of the Southside School District for over 20 years,” the district said in the release Monday night announcing Rich’s resingation.

In the same meeting, they announced the selection of Assistant Superintendent Dion Stevens as the next superintendent of the Southside School District.

The district said it regretted the announcement of Rich’s departure, but wished Rich luck in his retirement.

Click below to listen to Gary B.’s entire interview with Rich.


Image of Rich via Southside Schools social media

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