Mountain View Pharmacist shares remarks on COVID-19 vaccination efforts amongst healthcare, first responders, and school employees

Syringe in a hand in medical gloves, ready for injection with medication. Black background

Vaccines are being given in Arkansas to combat and hopefully stop COVID-19.

Last week, Eddie Mitchell, Pharmacist at Mitchell’s Pharmacy and Best Drug in Mountain View updated White River Now’s Gary Bridgeman with the local effort, even getting to school personnel earlier than originally thought.

“We received the Moderna vaccine and we got to work right away scheduling appointments for the remaining healthcare workers [in the area]. We mainly vaccinated the hospice nurses and the home health nurses. We sat up a clinic at the fairgrounds and vaccinated the law enforcement, volunteer firefighters, and first responders. We were able to work together with a collaborative effort to make sure those folks got done. And, because of that, we were able to receive permission to get the school vaccinated. We set up a clinic and with Brent’s efforts (Mountain View Schools Superintendent) along with a lot of other people and it just worked so well. We were able to get the teachers and staff in there and get them vaccinated. It was a really good day.” shared Mitchell.

Vaccinations continue this week adding the 1-B group which includes those over the age of 70, and educators.

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