Atlas Asphalt bid accepted for resurfacing a portion of Highway 167 in the Cave City area

General view of a paved road

The Arkansas State Highway Commission accepted a bid Thursday from Atlas Asphalt of Batesville to resurface nearly 13 miles of Highway 167 in the Cave City area.

The successful bid was just under $3.5 million dollars.

The Commission said the resurfacing begins at Cave City and goes northward.

Atlas Asphalt says the work will begin in two to four weeks and will be finished by the middle of this year.


  1. Wish the city would spend our tax payer money on the roads here in town. But instead it goes to concrete swimming holes. The golf course. Seriously, golf ? A “park”. Like that one by the old bridge leading into the worse part of town West Side. And several other money wasting ideas by the baboons running the show.

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