Water woes throughout region; Cushman facing “crisis”


UPDATE: For a list of other areas with boil water orders, scroll below.

White River Now’s Gary B. had an opportunity to talk to Cushman Mayor Brittany Hurley on Monday morning. Cushman is currently under a boil water order until further notice since Feb. 17.

“We have a major water crisis going on right now,” the mayor told Gary B. “It’s a matter of our city having water versus not having water.”

Hurley says there are leaks on the 6-inch main water line, and crews are working to find them, including the use of a special drone to help detect any issue.

The mayor also noted the department does not have much money, and the city is working on grants and help from the Arkansas Rural Water Association. She also thanked Independence County Judge Robert Griffin, as well as Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp for their advice and guidance with the drone.

There is also a boil water alert until further notice at Fifty-Six.

And there is this statement from Mountain View Water Department Supervisor Keith Johnson and Mayor Roger Gardner:

“The Mountain View Water Department is still asking all customers of the Mountain View Water, Sylamore Valley Water, Fifty-Six Water, Pleasant Grove Water, Richwoods Water, and the West Stone County Water systems to please continue to conserve water until our crisis is over. Please, while the temperature is at or above freezing, do not run your water to avoid having your pipes freeze. If you can, do not wash clothes, dishes, or use water that is not absolutely necessary. The Mountain View Water Department has been pumping water 24 hours a day for several days. With your help, all of the water systems will hopefully make it through the crisis. Thank you!”

Listen to Gary’s interview with Cushman Mayor Brittany Hurley below:

The Independence Jackson Regional Water has issued a precautionary boil order for the following locations until further notice:

Jackson 7
Hwy 87
Velvet Ridge Rd
Jackson 301
Jackson 302
Helvering Rd
Weathers Rd
Turner Rd
Fox Meadow Lane
O’Brien Rd
Jackson 5

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