Ozarka Foundation receives donation in memory of son


The Ozarka College Foundation received a donation from Glenda Kankey in memory of her son, Victor Kankey (pictured).

Kankey hopes to turn the devastating loss of her son into an opportunity for students pursuing life-changing experiences through education at Ozarka College.

Victor Kankey graduated from Blue Springs High School in 1985 and went on to attend the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga on a football scholarship. An outstanding athlete and student, Vic graduated from college in 1990 with a degree in psychology.

After graduation, he returned to Kansas City where he worked as a social worker. Vic’s life was riddled with personal challenges including his diagnosis of throat/esophageal cancer in 2010.

Following his first bout with cancer, in 2015 he was subsequently diagnosed with lung cancer.

After a fierce battle, he succumbed to his illness in November 2017.

“After watching Vic struggle with challenges throughout his life, I am passionate about helping others, said Victor’s mother. “Getting a college education was impossible for many residents of Izard County when I was growing up in the area. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that Ozarka now provides to the local population. Hopefully, this scholarship will assist students that are seeking a second chance or the opportunity to turn their lives around.”

“It has been such an inspiration to meet Ms. Kankey and to learn about her late son, Vic.” said Dr. Josh Wilson, Ozarka College vice president of advancement. “Ms. Kankey knows all too well the struggles that Vic endured, but she also knows the challenges faced by Ozarka’s students and the empowerment an education can afford. What better way to share Vic’s life story than by establishing this endowment in his name.”

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