39.4 F
Monday, March 1, 2021

Other Businesses

  1. Dean Baker Wholesale- Open normal hours, Monday-Saturday 8a-5p.
  2. Kent’s Firestone-Open regular hours and days, delivery, pick-up, and payment by phone available. Call (870) 793-5566 for more info.
  3. Bellbird Clothing Co.-Closed in-store, but shop online 24/7 at http://www.shopbellabird.com “We appreciate our customers business during this difficult time for all.”
  4. Southern Liberty Construction/Chris Plotz-Open during the COVID-19 situation and will make sure to do their best to accommodate client concerns and requirements during this time. (870)834-1517
  5. Carlee’s Hallmark- Open Monday-Friday 9a-5p.
  6. Ray’s Garage & Towing- Garage is open Monday-Friday and Towing is available 24/7. Call (870)793-4984.
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